Challenge: Help a small internal marketing team launch a new product and distinguish/refresh the company’s 57-year-old brand.


Convey commonly used themes like innovation and technology in fresh and meaningful new ways. Distinguish the company with unique visuals and messages. BDN worked with Staco Systems to develop short-term solutions to meet its initial needs while mapping out a multi-year strategy for branding, marketing and lead-generation. Short-term needs included a website and broad range of completely updated collateral — a total of 48 new sales tools— all with a clean, high-tech look.


Equipped with a more substantive brand presence, BDN has helped Staco lay a firm foundation. New lead capture has been integrated into campaigns and performance tracking has been established for marketing efforts. Field reports tell us the new brand platform is contributing to enhanced excitement, confidence and trust, helping sales reps open important doors.

“I made the right choice. BDN results have been very impressive. We’re excited by our bold, new look and message, and BDN is now a logical extension of my department… I learned so much from BDN, and I feel confident we gained its best work.”
– Lisa Wilson, Marketing Manager
Staco Systems

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