Aviation Meets Crowdfunding

Challenge: Introduce and brand an unknown company, an unknown aircraft, and help launch a multi-million-dollar global crowdfunding campaign, the first in aviation history.


A four-point strategy anchored the marketing effort and included: Making the aircraft real; building credibility; leveraging a strong leadership team; and building excitement, interest and reservations. A integrated campaign that focused largely on the use of email marketing, public relations and social media provided the platform for XTI to communicate its story to potential investors and business partners.


In less than 60 days, crowdfunding raised an impressive $12 million in expressed interest from over 1100+ potential investors. This level of excitement allowed XTI to quickly move to the next phase of crowdfunding and continue its prototype development efforts.

“It has truly been a great experience working with the entire BDN team! You have gone above and beyond the call of duty, and I’m very grateful to each and every one of you. BDN has met or exceeded my expectations with virtually every project that they have undertaken for XTI Aircraft, and I would strongly recommend them to anyone seeking to brand their company, increase their image or market presence through advertising, web marketing or public relations efforts.”
-Emanuel Anton, Outside General Counsel and Marketing Liaison
XTI Aircraft Company

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