Want to work with BDN? Here’s what to expect.

We know that working with an organization such as ours may prompt questions, so we’ve answered them here, laying the foundation for a “no surprises” working relationship.

What is required to get started? What are the payment terms?

For projects over $5,000, one-half of estimated costs will be invoiced upon approval to proceed, the balance will be invoiced upon completion. If progressive billing is required, this will be noted on the estimate. Terms are net 30 days from date of invoice receipt.

How does your pricing compare with other firms?

In general, the national average for creative and design hourly billing is $150, and this is influenced by a number of variables, including location. Highly specialized firms such as BDN are able to charge more, and our rates are slightly higher due to our unique positioning and deep industry knowledge. In addition, our pricing reflects more than time – it also accounts for value. We are not the low-cost provider and our work reflects that. Companies that work with BDN are making an investment in their most important asset — their brand. Contact us for sample pricing.

How much should I budget for marketing activities?

For planning purposes, existing businesses typically budget 3-5% of last year’s gross sales. New businesses are advised to budget 5-7% of the anticipated annual revenue.

How do you work with your clients?

We work with clients both in person and virtually. We travel often to ensure plenty of face-to-face meeting and strategy time. Our client relationships differ depending on requirements. For example, we may serve as a company’s Virtual Marketing Department; support the internal team on a Retainer Basis for a defined scope of work; develop a Strategic Marketing Playbook; or support individual projects. Every client and every project has personal attention and service from a dedicated account manager supported by a talented team.

What else can clients expect?

Written schedules and frequent touch points for incremental buy-in. We use Basecamp software for project visibility and management, and a creative checklist ensures that the work we present meets all established criteria and our own internal quality standards. Your account manager will always give you honest advice, even if it’s not what you want to hear, with recognition that our client makes the final decision. You can also expect that we will provide you with proactive ideas and present opportunities (everything from media to sponsorships) as they arise. We are continually researching and take every opportunity to learn new marketing tools and techniques. Remaining current and utilizing the most effective approaches are priorities. These are all additional ways we add value through specialization.

I need help, but had a bad experience with an agency in the past. How will this be different?

BDN is a different kind of marketing firm. Our exclusive focus on aerospace means we understand your business. We always provide up-front pricing so there are no surprises when the invoice arrives. You approve the invoice or change order before we start working. We are not a big agency by design. Actively managing our growth allows us to provide top quality work for our clients, and a more enjoyable work experience for everyone involved. Every client works directly with a dedicated account manager who is backed by strategic, creative and tactical talent. BDN has demonstrated processes and operates in a very transparent fashion. We believe in honest communications with clients and are not afraid to show you how we work and what you can expect.

Our most successful relationships are with clients who value outcomes over outputs, are willing to invest in a professional marketing program, and have a clearly defined decision-making process and goals.

What is included in a Marketing Plan?

It is an actionable plan that expresses in great detail your marketing program for the year ahead. It is a complete roadmap that includes all of the necessary steps and tools you need. At a high level it details Goals and Objectives, Research Insights, Strategy, Design and Messaging. It also includes tactical recommendations and calendars for Multimedia, Digital Media, Public Relations, Advertising, Trade Shows, Direct Mail, Thought Leadership and Content Marketing, Social Media, and Marketing Collateral. It also includes a framework for measurement, including dashboards to monitor progress at key intervals. Once the plan is complete, you and your team can then choose to implement the plan or we can do it for you.

How do I know you won’t work with my competition?

Signing NDAs is a standard part of our client on boarding process. The issue of supporting competitive companies is generally handled case by case. Some clients strenuously object, while others trust that we will do our best work for both companies. If one of your competitors is interested in working with BDN we would speak with you about it right away. There are many possible solutions, including walking away from the new work.

What happens if there’s an error in a project you do for me?

We have a robust proofing process and utilize our industry expertise to avoid technical errors. We also ask clients to sign off on projects before they are finalized. Technically, the client is responsible for ensuring accuracy when the signoff occurs. That said, every situation is different and there are times that we might pay for a reprint, for example, if circumstances warrant.

I’d like to see some of your ideas before I commit to working together. Can we do a test project?

We are trained professionals with many years of experience and expertise. The main product of our business is ideas, and those ideas have value. People often tell us, “I wish I’d thought of that.” And that’s the point. Our ability to consistently deliver the ideas others wish they had is special, and we can’t afford to give it away.

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